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Lawrence has worked as a director, design director, creative director and realtime vfx supervisor for two decades.  He has a deep understanding of vfx, motion design, realtime gaming technology, immersive design and broadcast production, and moves flexibly across styles and techniques without creative limits.

Lawrence has built internal and external creative and production teams, and worked within the entertainment, sports, advertising and interactive industries.   He brings to his clients, years of pushing creative and technological boundaries for the purpose of telling more impactful stories.

He’s directed innovative attention-grabbing films for major brands worldwide such as ESPN, Dos Equis, Scion, Verizon, NBC Universal,  and SuperBowl to name a few, and has worked with top celebrities like Madonna, Luke Bryan, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, and Celine Dion. He has won multiple industry awards, among them an Emmy, Promax BDA, Lumiere, and a Disney Imagineering Award. 

Lawrence’s powerful directing style allows him to harmoniously combine beautiful live action with design-driven vfx, making his work exceptionally captivating and unique while creating a truly organic experience onset for both talent and production.

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